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google correlate stuff
NumbersAPI - Bring your metrics and dates to life
Samsung Smart app challenge
Chromium embedded
Видео-история европейского континента
Synergy lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk
Gustavo Duarte: the best of
Create a diagram from ASCII using ditaa
demonstrations at
DIagrams Through Ascii Art
Latex templates
No Eexcuse list
HTML5 Security Cheatsheet


node express boilerplate
Node Toolbox - a data scraping and processing framework
NowJS creates a magic namespace “now”, accessible by server and client
Connect2 - High performance, high class web development for Node.js
Разработка WEB-проекта на Node.JS: Часть 1
Разработка WEB-проекта на Node.JS: Часть 2
Шпаргалка по пакетному менеджеру NPM
Socket.IO - realtime apps in every browser and mobile device

Webdev & JavaScript

Isotope: An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts -
D3 Workshop
D3.js - Data-Driven Documents
js.js A JavaScript JavaScript interpreter
Mozilla wiki: WebAPI
JavaScript Garden
jswiki - This wiki indexes libraries and resources available for JavaScript.
APIConnect is a Javascript class that provides a simple way to interact with APIs
A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG
Список Javascript библиотек для рисования графиков и диаграмм
Список Javascript библиотек для рисования графиков и диаграмм 2
List of freely available programming books
Google APIs Discovery Service
Backbone patterns
Exploring Backbone: Part 1
How to build a news aggregator with backbone.js - Part 1
Real-time Applications With Node.js and Socket.IO
Image patterns for your site
JavaScript Patterns Collection
Emscripten: An LLVM-to-JavaScript Compiler
Grunt: a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects - the browser support story
ECMA-262 by Dmitry Soshnikov
Accessing the Accelerometer and Gyroscope in JavaScript
ECMA-262 by Dmitry Soshnikov
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns A book by Addy Osmani
Smoothie Charts
gridster - Plug in to the grid
Form builder
BigScreen is a simple library for using the JavaScript Full Screen API - a super simple dataURI tool
tQuery API : three.js + jQuery
HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills
Creative web typography styles
Fontello - icon fonts generator
Fine Uploader

JS & Date

XDate - A Modern JavaScript Date Library
Datejs is an open-source JavaScript Date Library
Moment.js - A 5kb javascript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.

JS & Charts

Mobile html5 frameworks

jQuery Mobile
Sencha Touch
Titanium Mobile SDK
Apache Cordova
PhoneGap HTML5 platform - Mobile engine for web devs
A collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs


Developing Backbone.js Applications
Backbonification: migrating a large JavaScript project from DOM spaghetti to Backbone.js
Backbone has made me a better programmer
Пишем реализацию MVC для Backbone
Structuring Complex Backbone.js Apps
Rendering Views in Backbone.js Isn’t Always Simple
Backbone.js: Hacker’s Guide
Backbone.js: Hacker’s Guide Part 2
Backbone.js: Hacker’s Guide Part 3


Обзор ExtJS 4. Опыт портирования со старой версии
20 правил, которым стоит следовать, когда начинаете работать с EXT JS & Sencha Touch
Руководство по мелочам в Ext JS
Cоздание прототипа социальной сети на ExtJS
Пишем MVC приложение на Ext JS 4 с возможностью офлайн работы

Twitter Bootstrap
WrapBootstrap is a marketplace for premium Bootstrap themes
Built With Bootstrap
Font Awesome
jQuery UI Bootstrap
Colorpicker and Datepicker for Twitter Bootstrap - The Interface Builder for Web Apps
Jetstrap is the premier interface-building tool for Bootstrap.
Twitter Bootstrap Extensions: Notifications
Bootsnipp - Design elements and code snippets for Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework
Editable for Bootstrap
X-editable - In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery


Web-panel Ajenti
Linux kernel map

Apple Dev

Open source iOS components? Reusable views, controllers, buttons, table cells, etc? Learn Objective-C
Apple Developer: Start Developing iOS Apps Today
Google Toolbox for Mac
Dash – Snippet Manager, Documentation Browser
KKGridView - Gridview for iOS.
Minimal iOS boilerplate – rationalized file names, Google Toolbox for Mac, TestFlight
iOS Boilerplate - iPhone UI Design
The Complete Guide for Starting iPhone and iOS Development - Mobile engine for web devs - The showcase for your iOS mockups
Parse - The Mobile App Platform for Developers
iOS-app template with lots of common tasks solved — Read more
A framework for creating web applications using Cocoa and Objective-C, running on Mac OS X
Mobile UI Patterns
Mobile Patterns via
DataKit makes it easy to add web backends to your apps
iPhone UITableView wrapper
WeViews - A set of iOS classes for laying out UIViews.
XNU: The Kernel
iOS App Icon Template
iOS Human Interface Guidelines
A UI framework for Mac based on Core Animation
Underscore.m - A port of underscore.js to Objective-C
Custom UI Controls for iOS and Mac OS X
iosmix - Components for iOS
Custom UI Controls for iOS and Mac OS X
iOS Developer Library: Developing Web Content for Safari
iOS Developer Library: Introduction to Error Handling Programming Guide For Cocoa
25 Free iOS Design Resources
Bundle Programming Guide: Bundle Structures
How To Host a Beta Test for your iOS App
Handling Camera in iOS Applications
Kernel Programming Guide
iOS Code Signing Troubleshooting
iOS Programming Recipe 11: Using The UITableView Part I

AirPlay protocol

open airplay
### Open Source PascalWAirplayer - A Python based library Play2Wifi - An AirPlay server also in Python Totem Plugin AirPlay - Plugin enabling AirPlay video playback in the Totem media player (Python) elcuervo/airplay - Airplay bindings to Ruby Airstream Media Player - C# based AirPlay screen for windows and AirPlay server source code xmms2-plugin-airplay - Debian AirPlay library AirPlay NMW - AirPlay plugin for Network Media Tank written in C AirMac - Turns you Macintosh into an Airplay receiver (Objective C) AP4J - Java AirPlay video client ### Applications Beamer - Send any video to an AppleTV AirParrot - Send the screen of your Mac to an AppleTV (AirPlay Mirroring) AirServer - The best app for turning your Mac into an AirPlay screen. Reflection - Turn your Mac into an AirPlay screen. Banana TV - Another app to turn your Mac into and AirPlay screen Erica’s Air Play Utilities - A collection of Mac utilities for streaming video and photos (not open source) doubleTwist AirSync - Stream music/videos from your Android phone over AirPlay ### Websites Stream DVDs - Stream DVD’s from a Mac using Erica’s AirFlick and VLC Stream Desktop - Stream your Mac’s desktop using Erica’s AirFlick and VLC (Audio not supported due to limitations in VLC) lifehacker - Make your entire home AirPlay compatible


Smart Pointer Programming Techniques
Thrust: Code at the speed of light (stl-like with GPU)
Bare Bones
Build your own operating system
STXXL: Standard Template Library for Extra Large Data Sets
Материалы с семинаров Андреаса Раубера и Александра Степанова
32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows C++ application
Cinder is a peer-reviewed, free, open source C++ library for creative coding
Clang Static Analyzer
The Aggregate Magic Algorithms
145 алгоритмов на C++.
Список алгоритмов и структур данных на C++


Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python
A Guide to Python’s Magic Methods
Python Ecosystem - An Introduction
Crash into Python
Techniques for idiomatic Python code
Functional Programming HOWTO



Git Tip of the Week: Finale


Rosetta Code
Lists of must see TED-talks
The Algorithm Visualization Portal
ANU Quantum Random Numbers Server
Top software dev job boards
TCP/IP and IMS Sequence Diagrams
Perhaps the Best HD View of Earth from Space Ever
The SLR Camera Simulator How Browsers work
Recursive Drawing
The Ai->Canvas plug-in enables Adobe® Illustrator® to export vector and bitmap artwork directly to an HTML5

Message Passing

RabbitMQ - Messaging that just works
Beanstalk is a simple, fast work queue


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